"I became an artist as a kid when I started drawing monsters in my school books"

I currently live on an island called Puerto Rico located in the Caribbean. The last colony in the world is well known for good music, art, political corruption, and hurricanes that have destroyed and reconstructed society. After the hurricane, María passed I had nothing else to lose, and my journey as a Muralist started.


To this day I haven't been able to live the dream of being a full-time muralist. All of my works with the exception of one have been donated to the community. With the sole purpose of making art accessible and forging a name for myself. 

Not all is lost, today I start the journey as an entrepreneur with this online shop. I will be uploading quality content using the best products in order to serve you like it’s meant to.  I've also started tattooing, more of that soon...


October, 2017


These past 3 years I've been making many murals and recording my progress. The walls range from 9 feet all the way to 28 feet tall and 100 feet wide.

Lucky cat anatomyfinal.jpg

"Lucky Cat Anatomy"

January, 2020

Studio Paintings

I take very seriously the detail invested in my work. The studio is filled with many mediums but oil paint is my preferred way to express and let my mind wander.

Beautifull Violance.jpg

"Harmless Violence"

April, 2019


After learning about the performance art  my imagination found a new way to express, communicating emotions throughout the movement of the body.